Banff, Jasper & Lake Louise

Harry has always wanted to visit Banff and what better reason to go than his birthday. We decided we were going to rent a car and drive around the Rockies, spending his birthday in Banff itself.

We set off on our trip on 1st September, collected our car from the airport and headed further inland. Canada is HUGE, Banff is a 11 hour drive away so we decided to break the journey up. We spent our first day driving to a point just over half way called Sicamous. We stayed in a gorgeous B&B with amazing views and a lovely family-

We then drove all the way to Banff where we had a hotel booked in town with a mountain view.

Banff is a lovely little ski resort town nestled in the mountains, it is very stereotypical, lots of tourist shops and ski shops. We spent Harry’s birthday visiting the Banff upper hot springs and then we went up Sulphur mountain as my lovely Mum & Dad had booked us a gondola ride and meal at the top for Harry’s birthday. We have to say it’s the nicest view we have ever had dinner with, thank you Mum & Dad xxx!

The next day we went on a howling dog tour to visit all the huskies and then as a present from Harry’s parents we went on a horse trek through the mountains and woods, it was so lovely. Something neither of us had ever done before so a brilliant experience, thank you Julie & Peter xxx

We can’t possibly talk you through what we did each day as the blog would go on forever, it was by far the most action packed holiday I have ever been on but it was so much fun! From Banff we went to Lake Louise and stayed there for a couple of nights. From here you could go to Lake Louise and Maligne lake, both of which were beautiful, we also saw a Grizzly bear and her 2 cubs which was a definate highlight.

The area had lots of warnings about Grizzly bears and it was a rule that you could only hike in groups of four or more so we had joined a German couple for our walk. We got to Consulation Lake just in time to see the Grizzly with her 2 cubs which was amazing and we were so lucky.

The journey between Lake Louise and Jasper is called the ice field parkways and is one of the best drives in the world. We were so lucky with the weather for our entire trip, it made the ice fields parkway even more spectacular. The journey is 280km of lakes, glaciers and waterfalls. We stopped a lot and admired the views, it is hard to explain just how beautiful it was but we would definately recommend it.


Jasper was also great, we spent 3 nights there, it is another touristy town but very pretty and lots to do. We spent one of the days riding bikes which was great fun but also hard work, especially when Harry decided to lead us off the track and insist for a while that we hadn’t gone wrong! I wasn’t impressed. We also went to Moraine Lake and this is where we finally spotted a MOOSE!! Highlight of Harry’s trip I’m sure, he was so happy after spending the previous 8 days looking for one we finally found it.

After leaving Jasper we did half of the journey home and spent our last night in Kamloops. A small city hidden in the Valley it doesn’t have much to offer but the weather was so so hot we enjoyed our evening there before heading back home to Vancouver. We’d had such a brilliant trip and seen so many great things!

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