Finding a job

So the next thing to do was to find work. Daunting process being over the other side of the world in a place neither of us had ever been to before but our previous travelling experience and working in Australia helped to prepare us so we knew where to start.

I had arranged 2 interviews from the UK, one was as a team assistant for a financial company, I had a phone interview with them, and the other sounded very exciting, through a link in the UK, my lovely ex work colleague Jane’s daughter actually lives out here in Vancouver and is Vice President of operations for a association management company. She was hoping something might come up for me as they organise a lot of events etc and thankfully, something had!! So I met with Jenny for lunch and then went to the company to meet with the owner, Donna. Both so lovely and the office seemed great. That evening Jenny informed me that they would love me to start straight away! Yay!!

I decided to wait until we had moved into our flat before starting and have a few days to chill out before working again. Started work on the Thursday while Harry went to join some agencies downtown. My first day went well, everybody is really friendly.

Harry had a call the next day from an agency to say they had found him a job starting the following Tuesday (as Monday was bank holiday) so within 2 weeks of arriving we were both employed!!

My job is working for an association management company as mentioned before. They manage around 20 different non profit organisations. By manage I mean look after all of their administration, communication, emails, websites as well as their events which is where I come in. I am helping with the event organising as well as attending events and helping out with various projects around the office.

My colleagues-

Harry’s job is working at the new stadium in the city, BC Place. They have had an on-going project for the past 2 years to build a retractable roof on the stadium. Harry is working behind the scenes helping with all of the admin. It’s a great place to work, really interesting and he gets free tickets to some Soccer & CFL (Canadian Football).

BC Place-

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