We decided to cross into the USA border for my birthday. Seattle is only a couple of hours South of Vancouver, if you have a car and don’t have to queue at customs. Unfortunately for us we got a Greyhound and had a queue but luckily not much of one.

After a birthday breakfast cooked by Harry after he made a secret trip to a British shop in North Van to get some proper bacon for me, we made the 5 hour journey and checked into our lovely hotel. My presents from home had been sent there which was a lovely welcoming.

Seattle is a really nice city, again, we had perfect weather (so lucky). There’s lots to do, we spent time wandering around the city, we went up the highest building in NW America

We then went to the famous ‘Pike Place’ market and did some more sight seeing.

The next day we went over to the University of Washington campus and did some shopping. There was a College football game happening and so the atmosphere was buzzing. It was a really great area with lots going on!

The next day was raining and we were getting our bus back so after a visit into town to see Barack Obama who was speaking at some event there we headed back on our Greyhound journey ready for work in the morning.

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