Settling into Vancouver life & Family n Friends visits

So we have now been here for just over 3 months and we are really enjoying it. The city is a brilliant place to live, there is so much to do! We have met a great group of friends, mainly from England and Scotland as well as New Zealand and a couple of Canadians.

We have also had Harry’s family here to visit and we went to Victoria and Whistler with them, they came over for 2 weeks and spent the first week in the city with their tour guide Harry and then I joined them for their second week. We also had a surprise last minute visit from my friend Theresa from Kentucky who I met when we did camp America in 2006, we have stayed in touch a lot since and seen eachother in America, England and now Canada, we’re hoping to add to the countries we meet in and see eachother in South America next year too.

We went Whale Watching in Victoria and saw 2 Humpback whales which was brilliant. We then had a great lodge in the mountains in Whistler with our very own out door hot tub. We all really liked Whistler, very ski resorty (is that a word) but very pretty. Within 30 minutes of being there we had our first proper Black bear encounter when one just strolled out onto the path infront of us. Brilliant.

After the family left it was back to work. Work is going well for us, Harry’s job at BC Place ends this week but the agency have got him another assignment to start next week. Hopefully after this he might get something more long term but for now it is ok.

We are looking forward to coming home and seeing everybody for Christmas but also want to let everyone know they’re welcome to come and see us! We have lots of visitors next year with my cousin Lauren coming in January, my best friend Kate coming in Feb and my lovely family coming in March! Loads to look forward to!

Hope I haven’t bored you too much but Ciao for now and will update again soon!

Charli & Harry (although he hasn’t actually contributed at all)

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